![void](/assets/img/void_bg_christmas.png) # Welcome to **vb**-**linux** temporary web We used arch BTW :D [Void linux](https://voidlinux.org/) is best linux distribution out there. With one exception. Not that easy for linux or computer begginers. (like could be) ### What about Project Trident ? [Project Trident](https://project-trident.org) sadly heading to the end. Looks like nothing based on void anywhere ... **I admire hard work of void developers and contributors** A lot of distribution based on debian or arch ... ## And here I came ... Void is first linux distribution which is still easy to understand and manage. Together with enough recent versions of packages and stability. So let's endorse [void](https://voidlinux.org/) a bit ... ![void](/assets/img/void_fg_christmas.png) # **vb-linux/GNU** I am starting community project ... # Goal - build start point. - you can call it `void begginer friendly overlay` - full-featured desktop operation system for anyone. # How ? You didn't know void yet don't you? easy - provide installation media - provide this website - provide `community repository` called simply [VUR](https://github.com/vb-linux/VUR) - thanks to [unix](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy) and [KISS](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle) principle # Why ? - because a lot of usefull apps can't be merged into void repos. - (for good reasons) - help promote excellent void linux - help promote privacy, security and federation - help promote GNU/linux and FOSS in general - help create FOSS world bigger - because we can - learn more - have fun ## Interested ? Soon in your computers ... BTW :D Stay in touch ... zenobit [oSoWoSo](https://github.com/oSoWoSo) ![merry christmas](/assets/img/void_bg_christmas.png) # LICENSE FOSS project under EUPL 1.2 license